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Spacious Seating

Our High Top Area can seat large or small groups. Comfortable booth style seating as well as less formal bar seating.

Many Comfortable and Convenient Areas

Couches in front of a big screen TV AND a pool table on either side, this is just one of many options for a perfect Party, Game night, or Gathering.

FULL Catering Menus, Buffet and Platter Options

Order ahead and take advantage of our extensive and tasty platter menu. If you have a large group our buffet is a convenient and delicious option as well.

Suites and the Lounge Area

For a more private party check out our luxurious suites. However if you need a bigger space for your private even we can customize the Lounge to fit your needs.

Plenty of Pool Tables

For the die hard pool player or a novice in the group there are many pool tables to have a competitive tournament or just goof around on.


Group Parties

Group Parties

Got a big party? Need your own private space? Consider holding your event at TailGators in either your own private VIP room or in a sectioned-off area of our massive venue! TailGators is well-versed in Special Events, with our own dedicated Event Staff on hand to make your big day a success. Whether it's a Wedding, Stag, Corporate or Team Party (or anything else), TailGators will bend over backwards to make your big day memorable!

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Group Parties

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